Remediation and Consulting


Bringing your digital content into compliance is the final step of the process and our team of professionals are here to help.

The Accessibility Shield platform makes remediation simple by organizing the work, validating errors, directly linking definitions and techniques and recording everything into a project timeline. We support you by providing the tools for your team, training your developers, consulting with your team throughout the project, or we can perform all of the work in-house.

Access to our team of remediation professionals:

  • IAAP Certified
  • Trusted Tester (TT) Certified (Government level 508 Compliance)
  • Reporting provided through the proprietary Accessibility Shield platform
  • Professional grade efficiencies
  • Time and budget conscious
  • Low rates with built-in margins for end-client markup

Our Remediation Team is made up of certified professionals skilled in using all available Accessible Technology tools. Some of our team members are disabled and use this technology in their daily lives; others have been trained and certified through organizations like the International Association of Accessibility Professionals.

We encourage our agency partners to become qualified to perform the remediation work themselves. This is a growing need and the more individuals dedicated to the work the faster the web will become compliant for the 1 billion individuals across the globe who rely on Assistive Technology.

To learn more about how we help agencies perform remediation work please schedule a demo below.


Benefits of Having Certified Remediation Experts on your development team:

  • Additional resource to offer your clients
  • Ability to utilize the full potential of the proprietary Accessibility Shield platform
  • Access to new clientele
  • An additional revenue channel for your agency