Jay-Z Has 99 Problems and ADA Compliance is One

Even before COVID-19 entered our lives, it was clear that more and more businesses were realizing the importance of engaging with consumers online. Now, as most are forced to limit their in-person activities or shut them down altogether, we are seeing an even sharper trend in businesses investing in their online presence – especially with […]

Pandemic-fueled increase in online activity likely to give rise to website accessibility lawsuits

With the COVID-19 outbreak forcing most people to either shelter in place or severely limit their outside activities, people everywhere are online more than ever.  As a result, website accessibility lawsuits under the Americans with Disabilities Act are expected to sharply increase. Title III of the ADA requires places of public accommodation with websites (including […]

CA Court Rules Unruh Act Requires Website to Conform to WCAG 2.0 AA, But Denies Damages for Multiple Visits to Website

On May 21, a California state court in Los Angeles held on summary judgment that the Whisper Lounge restaurant violated California’s Unruh Act by having a website that could not be used by a blind person with a screen reader, and ordered the restaurant to make its website comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level […]

COOLEST JOBS IN TECH: Google’s accessibility chief shares her advice for young techies, what it means to be an ‘integrator,’ and her favorite Google features

Eve Andersson has a cool tech job: she’s in charge of accessibility across all of Google.   Andersson has been working at Google for 13 years and turned accessibility from a grassroots effort to an area of focus for hundreds of employees.  Andersson spoke with Business Insider about her favorite Google accessibility features, why she’s an […]

They’re Here 2.0: California AG issues modified CCPA regulations

Without the fanfare that accompanied the release of the original proposed regulations, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra released modified regulations regarding the California Consumer Protection Act late in the afternoon on February 7. An updated version was released on February 10. The modifications were prepared in response to the extensive feedback received during the comment period, which closed […]